Irresponsibility and What It Means

What is the deadliest enemy of freedom?………. IRRESPONSIBILITY!

Nothing in society is more destructive than IRRESPONSIBILITY. The IRRESPONSIBILITY of Adam has affected every generation of mankind since he partook of the “forbidden” fruit with his wife and tried to cover it up. Today, because of Adam’s transgression, the world we live in is under the spell of an IRRESPONSIBLE spirit.

You’re probably thinking, yeah those people who rob and commit all kinds of heinous crimes are so IRRESPONSIBLE. But what about the man who leaves his wife and family to commit adultery? Or the wife who leaves her husband and children and runs off with another man after 10, 20 even 30 years of marriage? Or the married teacher with children who has sex with their underage students? Because of this spirit, many people are living defeated lives. The primary reason we have so much conflict and so many negative experiences in our lives are because we are infected by this irresponsible spirit.

What Irresponsibility Means

IRRESPONSIBILITY means to be fickle, flighty, thoughtless, rash, undependable, unstable, unpredictable, unreliable, and untrustworthy- sounding familiar? IRRESPONSIBLE people are experts at transferring blame for their own IRRESPONSIBLE actions. So many people in our world today have become experts at blaming society for their own problems and shortcomings. People are stuck in the mentality that takes no responsibility for their own behavior, decisions, or circumstances. Because blame is a direct result of an IRRESPONSIBLE spirit- many of us have become “professional blamers”.

Irresponsibility Produces Blame

Today more than ever we have become experts at blaming the past for our present. We are experts at blaming our parents for our habits. We are experts at blaming preachers and Christians when they don’t do what “we think” they should do. Those who can’t do algebra blame the educational system. Now that we are algebra-ignorant we blame the school system.

We blame sickness and the healthcare system (instead of our poor eating habits and lack of exercise) for all of our health problems. We eat “crap” for 35 years, get high blood pressure and blame the devil because we don’t feel well. We blame our children for social problems but really, Whose children are they?

Irresponsible Adults

We as IRRESPONSIBLE adults, produce IRRESPONSIBLE children. Then how can we turn around and blame our children for the problems in society? They are our children. So, in many cases, if our children are rotten fruit we are the rotten trees they fell from!

We blame cigarettes and tobacco companies for our cancer. Have you ever seen a cigarette walk up to someone and say…….”Hey there, I need you to smoke me”? Smoking is a decision that we make. tobacco companies aren’t the problem. The spirit of IRRESPONSIBILITY is what causes us to transfer our negative experiences to everything else. People are now starting to go after liquor manufacturers for their alcohol addictions and liver diseases. It’s absolutely amazing to me the way alcohol just jumps out of the bottle and into people’s throats!!!


It’s really very simple. No matter what has happened to us in the past we can rise up and take charge of our future right now. Today is a new day, a new season of responsibility. God is saying to each one of us, whether poor, black, white, rich or otherwise that no matter who you are and where you are in life. It's time to accept responsibility.

Stop blaming the system, stop blaming authorities, stop blaming your parents, stop blaming you pastor, stop blaming your past, stop and get your own act together and become responsible because it’s God's will for you and it’s up to you to decide! The responsible choice is always ours and when we choose to obey the truth and stop “relativizing” truth, God Himself will back us up.


Theodore Lovelace


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