Signs of Insecurity In a Relationship

Human beings generally have insecurity in a relationship as a result of various things in life. Bein able to recognize insecurities enable people to interact with others in a more compassionate and caring manner. Additionally, it helps people to understand each other better.

Insecurity is very common in many relationships. Both men and women manifest signs of insecurity in different ways. Recognizing the signs of insecurity can help a person to figure out if their partner is insecure or they are just acting in an irrational manner. Moreover, it enables a person to support their partner rather than antagonizing them. Understanding the signs of insecurity can help people in new relationships to consider whether they want to engage in a relationship with an insecure partner or not.

The following are some of the key signs of insecurity in a relationship

1) Being defensive

This is a common sign of insecurity in relationships. One person becomes overly sensitive of what their partner says to the extent that they view a joke as criticism. One may not have said nor done anything that should cause such a negative reaction but it happens nonetheless.

2) Getting irrationally jealous

Insecurity is a major cause of jealousy. This kind of reaction is usually triggered by events like talking to another person of the opposite sex. A jealous person will check up on their partner calling or texting them incessantly. Being over-protective sends a signal that one is not trusted. Although it might be perceived as a protective instinct, high emotional and irrational jealousy is a telltale sign of personal insecurity.

3) Needing constant validation and positive reinforcement

An insecure person is never content with their own appearance. They rely on other people’s compliments to derive their self-esteem rather than from their own internal satisfaction. One will know he/she is insecure when they need constant reassurance that they are appealing, valued, and loved.

4) Being too materialistic

Being too materialistic in a relationship is the worst form of insecurity. When a person cares too much about how to impress their partners, they are being insecure. It becomes disastrous if one lacks confidence in his/her relationship and depends on the purchase of things to keep the relationship.

5) Being authoritative

A relationship is healthy if both partners maintain their identity. An insecure person feels threatened when their partner seeks satisfaction outside the relationship, particularly in careers, leisure activities, and even with friends and associates. An insecure partner persistently acts in a controlling and authoritative manner.

Understanding signs of insecurity in a relationship and dealing with an insecure partner are two different things. Staying in a relationship where one person seems forever insecure is a big challenge but there are many couples who have made their relationship work regardless of this challenge.

Signs of Insecurity


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