Inpatient Depression Treatment Utah

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Inpatient Depression Treatment Utah

Is depression eating away your life? We have powerful healing intervention and inpatient depression treatment in Utah solutions to make you feel brand-new. Discover how Maple Mountain Recovery can help you achieve personal growth and regain control now!

Understanding depression

Before we can treat you, we must understand the mechanisms enabling depression. Our founder Bud Harper has brought together a compassionate, supportive medical team, healthcare aides, lifestyle, and therapists. Treating personality disorders, we perform in-depth investigative assessments and ask appropriate probing questions to learn about your unique situation.

A lot of our patients here have a co-occurring mental disorder accompanying addiction. Rest assured, our mental health specialists and professional staff will be a pillar of support in helping you overcome your struggles. Whether it’s depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, or another mental illness, your healing and health is our top priority.

Steps to cure depression

There’s immense ignorance about mental disorders, addiction, and the complex brain science involved. Here, we do experiential studies to understand your mental health problems, educate, desensitize, and treat you. Employing a strategic, holistic treatment approach, we will perform brain analysis and work towards helping you unlearn the negative, unhealthy behaviors.

Our therapies include:

  • Neurofeedback
  • Psychoeducation workshop
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT
  • Serenity BioSound Lounge
  • Eye Movement Desensitization/Reprocessing or EMDR
  • Experiential therapy
  • Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation or CES
  • Movement Enhancement Therapy or MET

Depression awareness: working with the family

We know the role the family dynamic plays, and thus, incorporate therapies to bolster inpatient depression treatment in Utah. Through education, we help your family unit recognize and understand depression. The benefits are that your family will learn how to cope and support you through your recovery. Approaching treatment in this context, we aim to help families heal and prevent suicides.

With mood disorders being a brain disease, our desensitization approaches will reverse the effects of trauma on your neural pathways. In that, we can promote organic healing from inside and introduce experiences that establish a stable foundation for rehabilitation.

How to take back control from depression

Are you feeling powerless because of your out-of-control depression? With us, you will learn self-sufficiency, coping skills, and independence. These tools will help you find yourself, establish goals, and develop a sense of belonging. We want you to experience life to the fullest extent of your being, which you cannot do if you have depression.

Imagine being able to continue your education, resume your career, rebuild trust relationships (friends, colleagues, family), and finding balance. After your treatment here, all of this will be possible and more. Although we will be the catalyst behind your transformation, we cannot achieve success without your commitment, cooperation, and trust.

What’s holding you back? Feel free to contact Maple Mountain Recovery anytime at (801) 499 - 9316. You can choose the communication channel you are most comfortable with: text, call, or you can send us a contact request form. We have a vigilant response team that will answer your cry for help immediately. Consider our 24-hour access inpatient depression treatment in Utah, your compass to life-long mental health recovery.

Inpatient Depression Treatment Utah
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Inpatient Depression Treatment Utah
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