Incorporating Spirituality

We often hear terms like, ”Command the Morning” or ” I Declare”, and so many others which help us to add spirituality to our lives on a daily basis. I’m sure you have said to yourself on more than one occasion; let me pray before going out or even spontaneously start singing a spiritual or inspirational song. You may look on your Facebook page and see an inspirational post to which you nod in agreement or you yourself may have read a passage of scripture from your Bible and decide to share the blessings you received on your news feed. That, my dear reader is Incorporating Spirituality Into Your Daily Life, but is that all? Certainly not, and with that in mind I have decided to list a few ways you can make your day more spiritual.

Get up each morning with purpose. You have two choices each day; one is to be sad and bitter, the other is to be joyful and hopeful. Knowing that it is not always possible to wake up smiling, I would suggest you leave your radio or music player on the night before. Make sure you set it to play uplifting gospel choruses and I guarantee as the first thing you hear in the morning you’ll be sure to get up singing, dancing, and giving God praise. Just in case you don’t live alone, just let the other person(s) in on your routine, you never know you all may get up dancing, and let me add, a family that praises together will stay together.

Being thankful

Always say a prayer. Never allow yourself to go through a full day without praying and being thankful. God is not so much concerned about posture as He is about your heart, so stand, kneel or sit (whichever is comfortable) and pray.

Read your Bible. This is your sword, this is what will help you to guard your mind and your heart against negativity. Keep your mind on positive things.

Speak positive affirmations throughout the day. Tell yourself you are gifted, reassure yourself you are filled with purpose, you are a chosen generation, go ahead, say and believe you are blessed. Write down your blessings and how God has ‘miraculously’ brought you this far.

Listen to inspirational music

Listen to inspirational music throughout the day, if you have earphones you can use them. If your job does not allow for that, get creative, sing softly or have mental worship.

Incorporating spirituality in your daily life is easy, you just have to start and all else will fall in place.

Incorporating Spirituality In Your Daily Life


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