Our Political Views - I'm Republican and He's Democrat

Politics are everywhere today. With impending elections, it's hard not to turn a corner and see posters plastered everywhere. In public places, strangers are asking you what your views are. People are coming to your door asking you who do you support? Are you registered to vote? Have you thought about our candidate? It becomes a vicious cycle that, after a while, becomes tedious. But nearly every one of us identifies with a specific political party. Friendships are made and broken because of the words "Democrat" and "Republican". But what if I'm Republican and he's Democrat?

The same can be said about relationships. Many couples find it hard to express their political differences because it leads to arguments. Some people even find that discussing political views lead them to discover "deal breakers" in their relationship. But, it's important to understand that, psychologically and romantically speaking, political differences should not make or break a relationship.

Managing Political Differences

I'm Republican and He's Democrat. Sometimes, it is fairly obvious that he disagrees with the mark on my voter's registration card. However, he loves to discuss politics with my family, and they do so maturely, without hurting their relationship, even being on opposite ends of the political spectrum. And, we have been able to foster that same kind of atmosphere in our home. This is because we have acknowledged one very important aspect of romance: politics do not make up who you are.

If you are in a strong relationship, discussing your political differences has no bearing on how your partner feels about you. Counselors even say that couples with good communication skills who know how to handle their differences and discuss them correctly have no problem discussing politics in their household.

What's More Important?

Yes, these conversations can become strained and even frustrating at times, but so can any heated conversation that you have with another human being. Your differences should strengthen your relationship and your ability to communicate. There are so many other things that make up your partner besides their political view. Political parties are one very small part of your partner's belief system. Just because one of your interests is different does not mean that your partner suddenly is any less than the person you fell in love with.

Your common interests should be focused on so much more in your relationship than what both of you are voting on your ballots this November. Your love of the same music, the TV shows you sit and marathon together, the way they make you laugh when all you want to do is cry...that is what truly matters in your relationship.

If you must approach a difference in your relationship, such as politics, approach it with an open mind. Look to learn from your partner and not to change their point of view. And always remember, the love of your life isn't found on November's ballot, but right next to you. So, don't ruin a relationship, a marriage, or even a friendship over signs plastered on people's lawns or commercials we will only see for the next few months.

Politics and Relationships - Your partner is a person, not a political party.


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