Sticks and Stones

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”. Really? This is a great big fat lie because you and I know that while broken bones often heal without any problems, wounds inflicted by hurtful words can last a life time.

Hurting or Healing

Words possess amazing power, and whether they hurt or heal depend on how they are used. All humans, rich or poor, male or female have the power in them to hurt or heal other people because let’s face it, your pet cat will not go all huffy if you call him a ‘good for nothing’.

The quality of your interpersonal relationships, totally depends on the words you speak to people with whom you relate. How do you tell if person is kind, condescending or obnoxious? For example, what makes you like or dislike your boss, your neighbor, your mother-in-law? How do you know the way someone feels about you…… the words they speak to you.

Words are for hurting or healing; hurting or healing of the soul. There are a lot of walking wounded on our streets; casualties of a constant barrage of hurtful words. The thing is, sticks and stones can hurt the body, not the soul; but words have the power to hurt the soul, and that hurt can take its toll on the body. It is ironic that the first line of this article is a song sung by kids, and kids are particularly vulnerable to the power of words. Negative, hurtful words are the “kryptonite” to the superman in every child. The high rate of teen suicides, as a result of bullying, peer and even parental shaming is a testament to the destructive power of hurtful words.

Thank God that healing, positive, life affirming words are the antidote for the poison of hurtful words. Phrases like “You can do it” “I love you” “I am proud of you” bring out best in everyone. The beauty of being able to speak these words is that you can say these words to yourself as well as to others. If you have been a victim of verbal abuse, take advantage of healing words, speak them to yourself and to others as well, spread the word. Associate with people who affirm your value with their positive healing words and get away from folks who constantly run you down. The best thing though is to be the change you want to see in others so……...

Like in the movie “A Thousand Words” directed by Brian Robbins, starring Eddie Murphy. Paramount Pictures 2012, I ask you, what words would you choose to speak if your life depended on the quantity of words that come out of your mouth. Would you choose your words more carefully? Remember, words are for hurting or healing.

Sticks and Stones, Words Are For Hurting or Healing


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