Hurting One Another

It is amazing how the thing called love means different things to different people. The concept of love is all encompassing, binding us in every step of the way. But then is all fair in the game of love? Why do we often end up Hurting One Another? Is there a struggle for power when it comes to a relationship?

Well, we need to examine a variety of factors to understand the reason why we end up hurting one another when we are in a relationship. So the question remains, why do we hurt one another?

One common reason couples cite to justify their hurting actions is the need for attention. Maybe it so happens that you start feeling neglected by your partner then consequently you start feeling the lack of a spark in your relationship. What do you do then? Do you start passing sarcastic comments and deliberately acting out in order to hurt your partner? Well, this might not be the best or most constructive way to stop the feelings of being taken for granted, but then the heart does not always heed logic.

Does it???

Another reason that creates tensions in an otherwise healthy relationship is the ugly devil called... EGO. Is your partner professionally more successful than you? Is your partner the life of every party that you silently sulk in? Do you secretly regret all the little things you compromise with every day to make your partner happy? Well if your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then it is highly probable that you might end up hurting one another deliberately or unintentionally.

The heart, as I said is not always logical while the EGO never is!

You might love your partner to the end of the world. The feelings might be mutual. Still it is possible that you do not share the wonderful relationship that you ideally should. The reason is that your actions end up hurting your partner and vice versa. So how do you come out of the stranglehold of these petty insecurities in your relationship?

The solution is to sit down together and ask each other the simple question, “why do we hurt one another?” Sometimes a long heart to heart discussion is all it takes to regain sight of what is plaguing your relationship. When all your insecurities are evident to your partner it is easier for them to treat you the way you want to be treated.

Uninhibited, honest communication is after all the secret behind many a successful relationship.

Hurting One Another

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