Making Love All The Time

Arousing a man sexually is not a difficult task, but it is what happens outside of the bedroom that will sustain a relationship. It is common for women to complain that their partners only show affection when they want sex, leaving them feeling used and rejected. Making love is not just about being physically intimate, it also comprised of the things that you do for one another when there is no special occasion. If this is a problem that you are experiencing; don't lose heart, with a little work, you can turn your intimate-less relationship into a passionate dream come true.

Let's look at how to make love all the time

First, stop bemoaning your situation, and quit having late night discussions about it with friends over the phone. Stop wasting energy trying to change something that you have no control over, and work on changing yourself. One of the major problems within relationships is complacency. When that honeymoon period wears off, both parties stop making an effort to impress the other, and out come the baggy jumpers and slippers while lounging in front of the TV.

The New You

If you want to rejuvenate the chemistry that you once cultivated, you are going to have to change a few things. Get your hair done, and buy some sexy clothes. When he compliments you for your sexy look, reward him for his good behavior by doing something that pleases him. It will soon register in his brain that when he does what you like, you will do what he likes and before you know it, you will be acting like two lovesick teenagers all over again.

Having a positive attitude toward life is one of the most attractive qualities in a human being. No matter what you are going through, no matter how aggravating your partner may be at times, remain positive and try to see the good in every situation. Initially, this may appear to be an insurmountable task, but with practice, it will become second nature. Our spirits are naturally drawn to this kind of attitude, and you will find that your partner will desire you and to be around you more often.

Create Some Distance

One of the biggest relationship killers is having no social life outside of what the two of you do together. If you can't remember the last time you had a girls night out, then now is the time to arrange one. However, don't just do it once, make it a weekly event, and give him a chance to miss you.

When things begin to slow down in a relationship, the typical reaction is to panic, withdraw, or ultimately have an affair. None of which are viable solutions to regaining what you once had. Understanding the inner workings of attraction is absolutely critical if you want to maintain your relationship. If your partner was once emotionally and physically connected to you, it is possible to invigorate the same level of intimacy and passion again.

By creating fresh opportunities to inject a new level of excitement into your time together, giving your partner space, and sustaining a strong visual and emotional attachment, you can have the kind of relationship where the fire and passion between you are constantly burning.

How To Make Love All The Time


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