Love O Love

You know you're very much love. The two of you couldn't be happier. But there are times when you fear it might not last, or that the love may fade away. Well, fret not, as I have charted out a list of simple and effective techniques to make your relationship last longer and be more enjoyable than ever before.    

Read on…          

Tell your partner how much they mean to you       

It is not enough to assume that you love your lover and he/she loves you back. Actions do speak louder than words, so touching and little displays of affection are always welcome, but words sometimes are much more 'clearer' than action. An 'I love you' before you leave for work, or calling them up and saying, 'you are everything to me', in the middle of your day, works wonders in securing your love and keeping your relationship strong. Couples often forget to express their love for each other, after the honeymoon phase of a relationship is over. That's when the little issues start which negatively affect your relationship. So, just make your lover feel loved - every day.          

Always communicate whatever you're feeling          

Your partner is NOT a mind-reader. If you would rather go hungry for a night than eat Mexican again, TELL them! Keeping things inside gives rise to resentment and when the resentment boils over, usually a nasty fight takes place, over something very trivial. Expressing your feelings - both negative and positive - is vital for maintaining a strong and healthy relationship. Put an hour aside every day and just talk to each other. Make it a routine. Light candles, put on soft music and have a heart-to-heart chat with hot cups of coffee or tea - whatever your preferred aphrodisiac is.             

Fight, but fight right          

Dirty fighting or below-the-belt fighting is a strict no-no in a relationship. If you're in for the long haul, why would you call your lover dirty names or abuse them verbally, which no number of apologies can erase from memory? Instead, try to remain cool and check your temper, if your partner is the upset one at the moment. Tell them you are LISTENING to them (very important) before reacting to their angry comments or complaints. Make repair attempts as soon as you both calm down. A fight does not have to be the end of the world for a couple in love. In fact, if you fight right you will only make your relationship much stronger than before.          

Appreciate your partner          

Our motto is - if you love them, SHOW them. Give them a single rose or their favorite chocolates for no reason. Surprise them with a treat at a romantic restaurant. Call them and ask them to meet you for a movie, let it be the one with your partner's favorite actor. There are a million little things you can do every single day or most days at least, to portray your love for each other. Do them!           

Be there for your beloved at their time of need          

It is important to respect the likes and dislikes of your partner. It is equally important to be sensitive to their needs too. Say, your partner's great aunt passes away and you have an urgent meeting that you cannot postpone, on the day of her funeral. What do you do? No matter how old or ill she was or how less your lover saw of her, if your partner is upset, you MUST be there for them. Remember - there will be a million ways to earn more money and attend more meetings, but there will ONLY be that ONE special person in your life. So, treat him/her right.          

Work on your relationship          

One of the biggest relationship myths is that once you're in a happy, secure relationship - all the work is done. Nothing could be further from the truth. Slacking off from relationship-duty could mean fights, unpleasantness and more. All the strong and most enduring relationships require plenty of TLC. Think of it as an investment for life - you need to keep putting in a little something daily. Small gestures go a long way. You must work on your relationship to make it last forever.                   

Making a relationship successful is easy if you're in love and truly care for each other. So, make the most of your present romantic times and spend every waking moment making each other feel loved and cared for, and very, very 'special'.                


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