Money Can’t Buy A Healthy Relationship

If you are in that bracket of people who think that money can buy anything, then you are on the wrong track and you have to live life just a little bit more to realize that this is not the case. This however doesn’t mean that money is not important because as sure as hell, it really is! It can buy you a beautiful bungalow, a diamond ring, a better appearance, dozens and dozens of cars, it can buy you social status and a wonderful-looking life. Yet it fails to buy you the two most important aspects of life;

1. Love and

2. Happiness.

Which both form the bases of a Healthy Relationship.

Money and love

Money can create a sweet coincidence with the woman you like, it can take her to places she has never been before, it can buy her a diamond ring and lots of fancy clothes to fill her wardrobe. When it does this, the girl falls in love with THE MONEY and to get to it she must pass the test of the one person who owns it…...YOU. In that instance she becomes the girlfriend.

Money and happiness

You have the girl you like and you are definitely happy, she can go anyplace she likes in a blink of an eye a spa, zoo, mall, the restaurant and she is happy too. To some extent, money brings you happiness, BUT it also acts as the go-between, between the two of you.

So, imagine a case scenario when the money is gone! The sweet coincidence and the expensive surprises disappear, she can no longer visit the spa anytime she wants and you can’t throw her random parties and the only thing left between the two of you….


Her love is gone

Then you’ll realize that nothing and nothing else really existed between the two of you, and it’s too late, you are already married with a kid, you cannot just go back.

And then, your once source of happiness becomes the source of tears and regrets.

Think twice, Money is not everything!

Here is my advice!

If you want a happy and a healthy relationship, just forget about the money i.e. if you want her to love you and not the cash. If you are already there just imagine the two of you in a different scenario totally without the cash, then ask yourself-

Is there a connection? If there is none, move on and find it!

Money Can’t Buy A Healthy Relationship


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