Relationships With God

Author Unknown

I’m sick of life, I can’t go on,

I hear the wail and bitter song.

My tears are mingled with my drink,

My mind is numb, I cannot think.

The gloom, despair, the aching heart,

So often it seems like I’m falling apart.

It came to pass, the Word declares,

Though I am so often unawares,

The tide flows in, the tide flows out,

The ceaseless surging round about.

And I am caught between the two,

To stay – to go – what shall I do?

It pleased the Lord to bruise me so,

until full submission I would know.

He has a plan that none can stay,

When all the clouds shall roll away.

The dark of night is passed and gone,

The morning breaks with victory’s song.

This hope keeps shining through my tears,

To quiet all my doubts and fears.

The morning after is so secure,

His love and mercy shall always endure.

And He shall wipe all my tears away,

Heartache no more in His new day.

He’s my God, for Him I wait,

He’s never early, never late.

The promise given is sure and true,

For He will make all things new.

He Makes All Things New


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