Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship and done something wrong may understand the concept of guilt. Guilt can boggle the brain; guilt can destroy the mind, and guilt can be deadly. If you don’t learn to forgive yourself for something you have done or haven’t done, you may be riddled with guilt until it ends up costing you, your life.

The story is told about a young girl who was very naive and went out with a guy that she thought she knew. Hours later, the young girl was no longer a virgin, because the man she trusted to take her out, raped her and stole her innocence. This guilt plagued her for years.

She couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, and even contemplated suicide. This was only one of many things that were to happen to her over the years. With some counseling and admission to others about how she felt, she was finally able to move on past the guilt she felt, and live a productive life. The question could be asked; why did she feel guilty? She stated that it was because she was foolish enough to trust this man. and think that he would never harm her. Unfortunately, things like this happen every day in our world, and even though the guilt is not on the victim, they take the burden anyway.

You need to know that guilt is something that we all will suffer with at some time or other in life, even when we are not the guilty ones. It’s in our nature, at least most of us; to feel guilty over a situation or event that has occurred. If you’ve been in a relationship and you cheated on, and lied to your significant other, maybe you feel guilt over what you’ve done. Maybe you took your best friends boyfriend, and now your relationship with him/her is nonexistent, and you feel guilt ridden. Not saying it’s acceptable to do bad things to others, but if you continue to feel guilty about it forever, it will eat you alive.

If you’ve done something that you feel truly guilty about, the best remedy is to talk about it with someone. A counselor, friend, or family member can help you get past the guilt you feel. If you need to, seek atonement from the one you’ve hurt to help you rid yourself of the guilt.

Forgiveness can be the greatest gift to heal a heavy heart!


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