So many single people today ask themselves why they’re single. They wonder why they don’t have a steady relationship in their lives and, many times, they don’t understand why they’re not asked out more often than they are. Before you start talking about why there’s something wrong with everyone because they just don’t seem to appreciate you, ask yourself some very important questions. If the shoe was on the other foot, would you go out with you? Are you A Good Date? How long would you date yourself? Would it be long term or short term?

10 Ways To Know If You Are You a Good Date

If you need some help answering these questions, try having a look at the following questions:

Are you on time? Punctuality, or lack of it, has a big impact on whether you’re a good date and if someone will ask you out again. If you’re always late for a date, or you’re too anal about your date being on time, it can make a difference in how someone sees you as dating material.

Are you dressed appropriately? When you go out on a date to see a movie, do you wear an evening dress? Or when you go out to a cocktail party, do you wear jeans and a t-shirt? It’s really important that you dress appropriately for the venue you’ll be attending if you’re a good date.

Are you a positive person? No one wants to be around someone that’s always negative and pessimistic. If you’re someone that constantly keeps finding something wrong with everything and can never say anything nice about other people, don’t be too surprised if you don’t date very often, being silently considered as not a very good date.

Do you either silence or turn off your phone when on a date (A BIGGY)? There are few things ruder than taking a call while you’re on a date. This goes for texting, too. A good date doesn’t like feeling like they’re not important enough to have your undivided attention.

Do you listen well? People like to have others interested in them so if you’re on a date, you need to ask questions about your date. More importantly, you need to LISTEN to the answers to your questions. A good date is also a very good listener.

Do you say nice things to your date? Everyone likes to be complimented and if you are a good date you’ll do that on a date, then most likely you will get another call.

A good date will also ask interesting questions? When you ask your date questions, they should be interesting ones so it seems that you really care about their answers.

Do you talk constantly about past relationships? When you’re on a date, leave the past in the past, especially about relationships. In other words, a good date won’t bring past relationship baggage into a new relationship.

Can you talk about yourself comfortably and reasonably? In talking about yourself, don’t act like you’ve got a lot of secrets. Some secrets are good but you shouldn’t have too many. A good date doesn’t hide who they really are. You also shouldn’t talk non-stop about yourself.

Are you a memorable person? This is really an important question. If you’re someone that will be remembered long after the date is over, you can be sure that you’ll get another invitation because your dating partner decided you ARE a good date.

Now, it’s time to tally up your answers. If you’ve got more than one bad answer, it’s time to work on your dating techniques thereby becoming a good date.

10 Ways To Know If You Are You a Good Date

Theodore Lovelace


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