A Pakistan zoo is auctioning off a dozen lions to personal collectors subsequent week to release house for a satisfaction that will not cease rising.

Lahore Safari Zoo now has so many huge cats that their lions and tigers need to take it in turns to entry the paddocks, mentioned Tanvir Ahmed Janjua, the zoo's deputy director.

"Not solely will we release more room right here, however our bills for meat to feed them may even lower," he advised AFP.

The zoo is presently house to 29 lions, and officers plan an public sale on August 11 to promote 12 of them, aged between two and 5 years previous.

There are additionally six resident tigers and two jaguars.

Conservationists are against the sale, with the environmental group WWF saying the creatures needs to be moved to different established zoos, or breeding females sterilized or given contraceptives.

"Animal exchanges and donations between zoos are a broadly accepted apply," the group's Uzma Khan advised AFP.

"As soon as an establishment comparable to a zoo locations a price ticket on a wildlife species it's selling commerce -- which is counterproductive to conservation," she added.

Protecting lions, tigers and different unique wildlife as pets is just not unusual in Pakistan, and is seen as a standing image.

Rich house owners put up photographs and video clips of their huge cats on social media, and lease them out as props for films and photoshoots.

Zoo officers have set a reserve of 150,000 Pakistan rupees ($700) per cat, however hope every will fetch round two million rupees.

Not simply anybody can participate within the public sale, nevertheless.

Janjua mentioned patrons must be registered with provincial authorities and present they've the means to offer correct care and shelter for the creatures.

Zoo veterinary officer Muhammad Rizwan Khan advised AFP an preliminary try final yr to public sale lions fell by as potential patrons lacked the mandatory documentation or licenses.

Nouman Hassan, who fell foul of authorities prior to now when he was filmed strolling his pet tiger on a leash in Lahore, plans to participate.

"I'll attempt to purchase two to 3 lions for positive," he advised AFP, including the public sale was a great way to diversify the gene pool for personal collectors who already owned an enormous cat.

With little laws to safeguard animal welfare, zoos throughout Pakistan are infamous for his or her poor services, however the Lahore Safari Zoo is taken into account top-of-the-line, set over 200 acres.

In April 2020 a court docket ordered the one zoo within the nation’s capital to close after poor services and mistreatment of the animals there have been revealed.

The power had drawn worldwide condemnation for its therapy of an Asian elephant named Kaavan, who was later airlifted to retirement in Cambodia in a jumbo mission spearheaded by US popstar and actress Cher.

Veterinarian Khan mentioned the animals at Lahore Safari Zoo had been being given the very best care -- one thing mirrored of their fecundity.

"They're experiencing a superb life in captivity with us," he mentioned.

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