Turning That Friendship Into Romance

Turning a Friendship into Romance is a risky step for most people. We all want successful relationships but things happen along the way and you risk losing your partner and your friend. The transition from friendship to a romantic relationship is one that needs careful consideration. It is important to understand what you risk losing and balance it against what you risk to gain. Will it be worth it?

Here are steps you need to take before taking that leap-

Understand your feelings

Depending on the level of your friendship, one may confuse platonic feelings for romantic ones. It is, therefore, important to ensure what you feel is true and sincere. Just because they listen to your emotional woes and give you a shoulder to cry on is not reason enough to think you are in love. Failure to do so before disclosing your feelings could ruin your friendship.

Evaluate all angles

Just like in any other case there is a possibility of being rejected once you disclose your feelings. This is especially true when the other party does not reciprocate the feelings. It is crucial that you look at all the consequences of taking the step. Ensure that it is the right time for both of you to undergo the change in your relationship. Do not wait too long as they may think you are not interested.

Make some behavioral changes

This can be a bit tricky as it may freak them out. You can try holding their hand and making eye contact during conversations. You could also take them out but make it casual so as not to come off too strong. They may start looking at you in a different, much more sincere manner.

Take your time

Don't rush things. Your friendship is at stake here and you may want to be sure. If your friend starts to show signs of reciprocating your feelings, then is important to give them time to understand their feelings. One step at a time will always get you somewhere. Show them that you are worth it and be patient with them.

Don’t kill your friendship

Remember that they were your friend first. Once they start showing interest in you romantically make sure you still nurture the friendship which is very important. This will prove how much you care and they won’t feel neglected. You can still engage in the activities that you did as friends to strengthen your bond even more.

A strong friendship provides a rock-solid foundation for the ‘Romantic Relationship’ necessary for a healthy and secure marriage.

Turning That Friendship Into Romance



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