Peace In a Busy World

Many of us work best when we are in a calm, quiet environment. In other words, finding peace in a busy world. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know how to filter out voices and noise when many of us work in busy offices, commute in noisy trains, and live in hectic households. However, with a bit of creative thinking, it is possible to filter out the voices and noise around us and provide ourselves with the calm, quiet space that we crave.

Use noise-canceling headphones

The most obvious way to filter out voices and noise is to use noise-canceling headphones. These can be highly effective at filtering out unwanted noise. They can also be be particularly useful in crowded and busy places such as when traveling on public transport. The use of headphones can be essential when you are unable to remove yourself from the noise and distraction, for example, when you work in a busy office, or when neighbors are being noisy. Using headphones also allows you to replace unpleasant sounds with more pleasant ones including music, podcasts, audio books or meditation tracks.

Get away from the noise

If you are able too, remove yourself from the source of the noise and distraction. It is worth considering whether you really need to be in the noisy environment all of the time. Perhaps your boss might be open to you taking an important project to the library to work on in peace. Even if this is not possible, it is worth trying to find time in the day to be in a more peaceful environment by taking a walk in a park or in nature or visiting a quiet space such as a library or museum. It might not be possible to get out in nature every day, but whenever you can, try to spend time in natural environment so you can enjoy the peaceful, soothing sounds of birds, the wind or waves and get a break from the noise of the busy man-made world.

Create an oasis of calm

Having a place to retreat to where you can filter out noise and voices can be hugely helpful in finding peace in a busy world. Perhaps your boss could be persuaded to designate a room as a quiet space where employees can have some peace. If you can, designate a quiet place at home, too, either in the house, or in the garden if you live in a quiet neighborhood. A spare room or even a basement or shed might provide a haven of tranquility in a busy household. If necessary, print a do-not-disturb sign for the door. You can use this space for quiet reflection, relaxation, meditation or other peaceful activities. As well as providing a space for quiet. Allocate a certain time of day for quiet activities.

If you have children or teenagers, make it clear that certain times of day are for activities such as reading or drawing and make this time part of the household's daily routine - it will benefit all members of the household as well as you. The additional benefit of finding quiet time is that it helps to improve your concentration and focus which makes it easier to filter out the voices and noise when you have no choice but to be in a noisy environment.

Filtering Out The Noise


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