Someone interviewed you about your ideal partner, you would probably rattle off a list of attributes you would like to see in him or her. But how does it work in reality? Do we really walk around with a list of attributes in our minds that we tick off as we go on a date or get to know another person? To be realistic, there might be some attributes on your wish list you will find in them but choosing a partner does not happen with a list in your mind. Here are some tips on what to look for in a partner:

Finding The Ideal Partner

The first impression always counts. If you go on a date and find the other pleasing and charming in their demeanor, physical appearance (good looks are in the eye of the beholder), as well as the way they communicate, that is the first good sign that you might have found your ideal partner.

You need to ensure that the feel good factor stays even when you have met the other for a couple of dates. While first dates are impressionable, if the tenth date still brings the same reaction in you, you have found someone you could definitely be interested in.

Is the person interested in you or simply loves to talk about himself or herself? Even if you like someone AND the way they are, if they are not genuinely interested in you and your world, that aspect will turn sour later on in your relationship.

Do you tend to see the world differently when he or she is around? Does the other person help you to feel light-hearted, and helps you to deal with your problems more easily by discussing them with you? You may have found your ideal partner.

Are you able to open up and be honest with the other person?

Have you noticed the other person’s failings and the both of you are able to get past them and vise-versa?

These are signs that you have found a person with whom you are compatible with. Compatibility does not necessarily mean having an ideal list of attributes matched. Even if the attributes did match, you might not feel that connection or the truly beneficial impact of the other person in your life. He or she should be able to uplift your mood, make you feel at home in their presence, and help you overcome your limitations. These are the signs of a real partnership in life.

Congratulations ……… You may have finally found your ideal partner!

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