Sex and The Fifty Shades of Grey Effect

Have you ever wondered if your past relationship experiences are an indication of what your future relationships might be? Our personal history conditions us. Think about this. When literature expands to include books like Fifty Shades of Gray and you read them, something happens. There comes, out of the blue, fifty shades of grey effect in your life.

Think About The Implications

You see, people, become intrigued by what's different, taboo, and arousing. Reading such a book (or watching the recently released movie) definitely can have an effect on a person's mentality. One's own persuasions about relationships can change, for instance; making people more apt to change their own expectations in a partner. If you watched Fifty Shades of Gray and you are a male, you might have gotten aroused, and even curious about such relationships and what that experience might be like. You may now become obsessed with controlling your partner, perhaps you might become misogynistic when the woman you try to control rebels.

The Movie

Watching 'Fifty Shades of Grey, you might want to want to experiment with sex in a way that is unlike what you were programmed to think about sex. This can lead to abuse, one wanting to control or be controlled, and even invoke fantasies that keep you out of focus and unable to carry out your everyday routines.

The Positive Effect

All in all, the Fifty Shades of Gray Effect can have both positive and negative implications though. If you want to think of the glass half full, then think of the positive benefits of this effect. Fifty Shades of Gray Effect has a positive effect: (a) inspire creativity and arousal in the bedroom, (b) let you experience different types of sexual situations, (c) help you become more assertive and self-confident around women and men, (d) teach you to be more open-minded and liberal in your thinking concerning sex and relationships.

The Negative Effect

When you think of the glass half empty you can understand the negative effects of the Fifty Shades of Gray Effect as: (a) a sense of inequality in relationships, (b) stark and contrasting polarity in relationships that create gender and or relationship roles that may be off-putting to the vast majority of society's citizens, (c) human rights violations where human mutilation is concerned, (d) psychologically damaging effects that could create mental weakness, self-esteem problems, and other type issues.

When you look at this Fifty Shades of Gray Effect one thing is clear and that is, how people think about relationships. Generally, thinking about relationships can evolve over time. And that is due to the narrative translation that happens through the power of a story filtered through mainstream media.

Fifty Shades of Grey


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