“Your breakup, caused your breakdown, which will become your BREAKTHROUGH”…….Then, your purpose is birthed out of your pain!

Heartache is good, if you are able to accept it with awareness, and if you will not repress it. Heartache is able to teach you a lot of things in life. A lot of people fear another failure at love, but you have to understand that it’s ok to Fail At Love.

Fail At Love

There are a lot of people who’ve failed at love, who got rejected, but used their vulnerability to learn lessons in life. If viewed correctly, heartache can be used to fuel your passion. It can be used to motivate oneself to be more, to do more, to discover, and to love all over again. Every rejection and every failure experienced in love can be used to learn more, to grow more.

The heart is meant to be broken, the heart needs to evolve, and when the heart has evolved, you will begin to understand what it means to love and be loved. To fail at love, also means to fulfilling a desire, a person cannot deny their ability to love, it is a part of their human nature. Any attempt at calculating reasons why will only repress real human nature, it can lead a person to be too logical and unsatisfied with their life causing them to stop learning. Desires have to be fulfilled then they have to be expressed. The intensity of life can only be felt by allowing yourself to discover more with every experience you have.

The focus should be on the process and not the result or the failure itself. It does not mean, that since the relationship did not work that love was not there. Because during the relationship, love was processed, you were able to share your innermost being, you created something that you both needed during that time. It might not have resulted in what you had in mind, but it was able to provide some invaluable lessons that would not have learned if you had not experienced it for yourself.

Some are afraid of failing, and some do not like to try because they don’t want their freedom to be sacrificed. But you have to understand that to choose love, does not necessarily mean the sacrifice of your freedom. Freedom without love will ultimately become a chain around your heart.

If it is true love, it will not go against your freedom, you will be free-er, and that is when you will know if you are on the right track or not. You become truly liberated once there is a synthesis between love, vulnerability, and failure.

Learn to move freely in love……. never be anti-love.

It’s ok To Fail At Love



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