Energy Drinks

When it comes to dating and relationships, everyone wants to be the ‘perfect partner’. From face value, there is nothing wrong with a person wanting to be able to satisfy their partner financially, emotionally, and even sexually. When it comes to sexual activities, most people are the average type. This means that they do not have that much energy to have all night sex. This is okay because generally satisfaction is not measured by how much stamina a partner has but rather on how much they understand their partner’s needs and are able to arouse them.

However, the need to satisfy the opposite sex has led many people to try out many formulas for boosting personal energy. Some of these include physical exercises, use of sex-enhancing drugs, and the use of energy drinks. Energy drinks, in particular, are the most commonly used stamina enhancing formula. This is because not only are they readily available, but they are also easily accommodated in a person’s regular routine.

Unhealthy Ingredients

Energy drinks contain caffeine and added sugars as the main source of extra energy. Most drinks also contain other substances such as Guarana, Taurine, and Ginseng. This makes energy drinks appear naturally nutritious.

Unknown to many, is the fact that caffeine and excess sugars have their drawbacks and the prolonged effects of these extra substances is either unknown or has not been studied. Thus, the question to consumers should be are energy drinks really worth it?

Simply put, the use of energy drinks to boost stamina is fine in moderation. However, doctors warn that excessive consumption of energy drinks can result in health issues much worse than the low libido problem and with additional financial cost. Such problems include loss of teeth, weight gain, miscarriages, abnormal heart rhythms, insomnia, increased blood pressure, and nervousness.

Alternative Energy Boosters

Doctors recommend one energy drink per day for the average adult. This should be sufficient as long as the consumer is mindful of his/her diet. Doctors have also suggested several options of boosting energy instead of over-reliance on energy drinks.

Regular exercise is a good and natural way of increasing your body’s energy requirements. Thus going dancing, walking for around 20 minutes per day, or just doing some menial work will help increase your energy levels. A healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits also helps to improve your energy supply. Increasing water intake also boosts your energy levels because it prevents dehydration that tires and weakens muscles.

Lastly, having a good night’s sleep helps because your muscles get to relax and the body has adequate time to replace and repair worn out tissues. Before you take that extra can or bottle of your favorite energy drink, please consider the risks.


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