Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Twitter: For once you want affirmation that even probably the most affordable take can deliver out probably the most venomous replies.

That’s the expertise Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s social media workforce had on Thursday. The Democrat from Massachusetts shared a link to a USA Today story about new laws she would assist that might mandate a common charger sort for cellular units. Whereas Warren didn’t specify that she would favor to mandate USB-C chargers, it stands to motive that’s what would win the day if any laws about this topic have been drafted. That’s as a result of the European Union is on the way in direction of mandating USB-C itself.

However after all, even an innocuous push for common telephone chargers introduced out individuals who don’t need the federal government to do something about something ever. Warren’s replies and quote tweets have been full of individuals making the case towards such laws, normally with a greater reply making the case for it instantly after.

Some people appear to imagine mandating USB-C charging now would cease anybody from ever making a greater charging normal sooner or later for some motive.

Others laid out plainly why all of the totally different charger sorts we’re compelled to make use of day by day ought to be flattened out into one.

This submit laid naked the partisan motivations past a number of the worst replies.

Whereas this one made a harsh (however honest) argument about why Apple nonetheless hasn’t latched onto USB-C, regardless of rumors that it might occur quickly.

What’s the lesson from all this? By no means tweet.


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