Relationship Advice- Do what’s Important Now

A teacher had a large-mouthed jar and He filled the jar with large stones. He then asked his class if the jar was full. They said, “yes”. He then proceeded to pour gravel into the jar and it settled between the large stones. He asked again if the jar was full. The class, starting to the idea, said, “no”. He then poured sand into the jar, shaking it until it settled between the stones and the gravel. He asked if the jar was full, and they again said, “no”. He then proceeded to pour water into the jar and it took a full quart. He asked again if the jar was full, and this time the class said, “yes”. He asked the class what the object of the lesson was. They replied that they realized that they could fit more things into their lives than they thought possible.

What Is Important To You?

“NO, NO a thousand times NO the teacher replied, that is not what he wanted them to see. He explained that had he not put the large stones in the jar first, he would have never been able to fit them in afterwards. In other words, if you and don’t do in your life what is important to you first, you will never be able to fit it in later. Life has a way of crowding out the important things with the petty things. What seems to be URGENT may not always be IMPORTANT.

What Really Matters Most In Life

Think of all the things you gave priority to in the past which mean absolutely nothing to you now. Sure, you probably accomplished a lot, moved a lot of things along, but how important are they in the big picture of what REALLY matters most in life? What then has ETERNAL value? Who you are becoming IN CHRIST, in other words your SPIRITUAL STATUS, is the ONLY thing you can take with you when you leave THIS LIFE; everything else is simply a means to an end. You and I must learn, at some point, to stop allowing the URGENT to replace the IMPORTANT.

So many things literally cry out for our attention every day and the seemingly URGENT robs us of the ability to accomplish what really is important. At some point we MUST make a conscious effort to set our priorities, and begin to live and operate based on a deliberate determination to accomplish OUR PURPOSE in this life. Make sure you practice putting the BIG stones in the jar before anything else and you will reach your purpose in this life.

And always Remember this……


Do what’s Important Now

Theodore Lovelace


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