Opposites Really Do Attract

Applying Magnet to Steel will see the former attracting the latter in a way that may confound the human mind. How can objects so opposite in nature and composition, relate in such a way as though they were intricately wired to merge? Though inanimate, these objects have the potential to meet on a level that enforces the need for an answer to the title of this writing; “Do Opposites Really Attract”?

The story of Cinderella and Prince Charming may be used to give credulity to the theory that opposites attract. Two persons with separate backgrounds and different socio- economic statuses meet on a level as though they were never separate, as though they were never different. Yet if one were to apply oil to water we would clearly witness a scenario where there is no merit to the statement that opposites attract. Or does it?

Direct Opposites

As social beings, humans pursue relationships with others who are often our direct opposites. We crave someone who we perceive will make all our imperfections perfect, who will complete those areas in which there is a need for completion. The introvert and the extrovert would be pulled together therefore; and among others, the” poor girl next door” finds solace in the arms of that wealthy guy from the “Hills”. Fans of The televised sitcom One Tree Hill would have seen the relationship of Haley and Nathan which even though it was a scripted romance can be used to strengthen the theory that opposites do attract.

So yes, the definitive answer to the question, “do opposites really attract?”, opposites do attract, however this is not always the case. As the adage goes,” birds of a feather flock together”. Another clearly states that” Like attracts like”. You will seldom if at all see an eagle flying with birds of a lesser caliber. Eagles soar with other Eagles while birds fly with birds. You will never see dogs being attracted to cats, as they are biologically opposite, instead cats attract other cats and dogs other dogs.

To conclude, yes opposites attract, however there is a limit to that attraction as there are also instances where like attracts like. It all depends on the mindset of each individual. Take for example an individual of unsound mind and very few means, but may be attracted to a wealthy Executive; please note that such an attraction may not be reciprocated due to them being opposite. In this scenario, one individual would say opposites attract, while the Executive would probably say like attracts like.

Do Opposites Really Attract?



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