Anyone who has spent time in the Online Dating scene understands the wide variety of personal interactions available. Yet it is important when speaking with others that you are clear about your intentions. No one likes to play relationship games, and simple honesty and clarity go a long way to avoid hurt feelings. Understanding the main differences of dating versus relationship with online dating and expressing your wishes in your profile will bring you closer to finding the person(s) you seek.

Dating versus Relationship when Online Dating

Online dating is generally considered non-committal and meant to accomplish the purpose of fun and companionship. Many people in their younger years, as well as those who have recently left a committed relationship may be interested in online dating without long term concerns. Those interested in the online dating scene may be dating more than one person at a time, and may or may not share that information with those they are dating. This is certainly a delicate issue; some feel that since they are only interested in online dating, there is no reason to hurt the feelings of their dates by sharing that they are not “exclusive “. Others feel obligated to be clear from the beginning that they are indeed dating more than one person at a time, especially if sexual intimacy is involved. Use your best judgment here, always remembering that blatant dishonesty leads to problems and suffering.

Another nuance of dating vs relationship is the lack of sharing of personal responsibilities, be it household chores, children, financial issues, etc. Those interested in the dating scene wish to keep their relationships simpler and focus more on personal choices and freedom. This is certainly an honorable choice that people from many walks of life feel is appropriate at certain times; the trick is simple… upfront communication.

True relationships are very different than dating particularly online dating. In a relationship, partners will be interested in meeting each other’s needs and wants. While these are widely variable between people, the general idea is that the partners can count on one another. It is still a personal issue whether or not a relationship is exclusive or “open”; honesty here is critical. Crossing the line between dating vs relationship means you are willing to undertake a certain level of commitment. Changing one’s mind at a later time is of course an option, but should be shared clearly with the other partner instead of just ending contact in a manner as would be customary during dating. Relationship may or may not lead to marriage, but remains a very distinct phase of life from online dating.

Online dating and relationship seeking is a wonderful tool to meet others. Being clear about your wants concerning dating versus relationship when online dating will make the whole process go much more smoothly, and make you much more likely to achieve your personal relationship goals.

Dating versus Relationship when Online Dating

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