Dating Site Rejection

Before we delve into the ways to tame Dating Site Rejection, let’s understand why these happen and what do they really mean.

Why does it hurt?

Sure, having your job application rejected hurts, but it’s nowhere close to the dent that dating site rejection ends up causing. These are far more personal and transcend the superficial layers guarding your self-esteem and ego. As a result, you invariably tend to relate the non-acceptance of a personal proposal to fears of meeting with a similar fate in the future. Moreover, any efforts to unearth the reasons behind the rejection usually dig out ambiguous results. Ultimately, you become more self-critical.

According to research, the pain related to a personal rejection is real and at times overlaps physical pain. When the participants of the study were asked to imagine a past heartbreak, the pathways usually associated with corporeal discomfort got activated, surprisingly. In fact, the agony reported was so high, doctors had to resort to pain relievers.

How to overcome the pain?

1) As stated earlier, the pain arising from personal experiences is more in the mind and not the heart. People have varying tastes and preferences and dating site rejections are also indicative of the lack of chemistry or compatibility you share with the person – it is not necessarily due to a specific shortcoming or flaw. So, don’t blame yourself. The other person just wasn’t the right companion. Every time you kick yourself in the butt for no fault of yours, you’re likely to stay wounded for a longer period of time.

2) Reach out to the people you love and who make you feel loved. The more time you spend in isolation and away from friends, family and other people who make you feel special, the likelier you are to aggravate the unconscious pang. So reach out to them. Travel and go shopping with them, if possible.

3) And remember, the person who rejected you is someone who doesn’t know you or is a guy/girl you haven’t met in person. So if the rejection comes in for the way you look or for your choice of music, you’ll realize who the biggest loser (no pun intended) is.

Online dating isn’t meant for anyone and everyone. If you’re not thick-skinned or are likely to see offense even in the mildest of rudeness, stop your online love quest right away. But remember, you may lose out on a big chunk of the modern love scene, since online dating sites are the most happening spots at the moment, boasting of the biggest ‘romance-seeking’ population.

Dating Site Rejection


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