How do you handle Dating Drama? It may be a difficult question for some people. Handling Dating Drama can be a daunting task if wrongly done but on the other hand it can also be enjoyable and beneficial if properly done. It can sometimes drain you emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Most of us if not all of us hope to find lasting love that is envied by others. This has, however, today become an unrealistic dream simply because of the dating drama that comes along seeing someone. The question that we all ask ourselves is “Is it possible to date someone without any drama?” My answer is yes. It is very possible for you to bypass dating drama. Below are some tips you can utilize to effectively deal with or completely avoid dating drama.

Dating Drama

Know yourself and know what you want. If you get into a relationship without knowing yourself and knowing what you want, then your relationship is doomed to fail right from the start. But why is this so? Have you ever gone on a journey without knowing where you are headed for? You will definitely reach a destination but is that destination where you wanted to go? Probably not. The same applies with relationships. If you get into a relationship without knowing what you want, then you will probably end up with a disaster you did not expect. You should be able to know whether you are getting into a relationship for fun or if you are serious about it.

Whether you just need a lover or more than a lover, or maybe you want a family. It is important for you to share with your partner what you want in the relationship. This will help fend off any dating drama that would have been brought about by misunderstandings between the two of you. Worse still is when both of you are confused and do not know what you want in the relationship. Such a confused relationship is a time bomb waiting to explode. If you find yourself in such a situation then my advice to you in regards to dating drama, is that you run. Run away from that relationship as fast as you can.

More Tips About Dating Drama

Keep it real and be honest with your partner. Most dating drama is brought about by being secretive and hiding a lot of things from your partner. This comes into play once either of you gets to know something that you are extremely uncomfortable with. Therefore, it is important to open up to your partner and let him or her know of any troubling situations that you’ve had in the past, or anything that you feel he/she needs to know before you get into the relationship. If you cheat on your partner, then it is important to let them know before they find out themselves. This however does not mean that you will get a cordial response but it will most likely help mitigate the damage. On the other hand, if you decide to hide something from your partner then make sure that the chances of him/her finding out about it is almost nil.

Keep your relationship issues between the two of you. There is an African proverb that says the oilskin of the house is not for rubbing on the skin of strangers should be applied in every relationship. The fewer people you involve in your relationship the less dating drama you’ll have to deal with. Remember not everyone is happy seeing you in a healthy relationship and not everyone that listens cares. Some are just curious and you may be empowering your enemy by telling him/her your problems resulting from dating drama. Keep your dating drama issues off social media and if both of you feel you need assistance from outside then let it be from a trusted person and not from just anyone.

By following the above few tips, then dating without drama is a possibility and a happy relationship can be a reality for you.

Dating Drama


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