There is a very wide gap between Dating and being in a relationship. However, for some people the difference is subtle. Some perceive the two terms as synonymous. They think that when people are dating, they are definitely in a relationship.

The difference between dating and relationships

Dating is more of a casual thing geared towards knowing one another more. It provides a platform for trying things out and seeing whether the two of you can make a potential couple. It can either develop into something serious or just die.

In relationship, commitment is paramount and there is a goal to be attained. One commits themselves to only one person unlike dating.

You will know you are dating if:

1. Your options are still open.

In dating, it is not necessarily going out with only one person. You are very open to any other date coming your way. Remember you are just trying things out and getting to know one another better. You are therefore very open to seeing any other person since you are not connected and committed.

2. Most agreements are casual.

When you are dating you have casual agreements on when to meet. Additionally, you don’t, as a consequence, get disappointed in the event your date is canceled since it was casual. Alternative plans are always in place just in case.

3. The conversations are rich in small talk

In dating nothing serious is talked about. You always have small and casual conversations. Nothing having to do with the future is brought to the table. Bringing up a topic about the future can make you sound like you are rushing things.

4. It is purely physical

There is no emotional attachment when it comes dating. People are trying to know each another and therefore investing emotions will be somewhat risky at this point.

You will know you are in a relationship if:

1. You stop seeing possible dates

In a relationship partners are committed and settled down with one another. Seeing other people will be perceived as cheating. In case someone shows interest in you, you have to make it clear that you are committed to someone else.

2. You have to meet each other’s family and friends

This does not come about as an accident when you are in a relationship. There must be plans on when, where, and how you are going to meet these people. It can, as well, serve as a litmus test for the ‘seriousness’ of the relationship.

3. You talk about the future

In a relationship, the talk is no longer casual. Everything discussed is viewed with a lot of seriousness. Future plans are put into place. There is no room for trying things out since you already know one another.

Normally, dating should precede relationship.


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