What’s Love Got To Do With It?

In perfect conditions, love would be a state of bliss where the perfection of our relationships was always maintained and protected. But, since we don’t live in an “ideal” state, love becomes an action by which a fractured relationship must be SOUGHT OUT for the purpose of being restored. Love, real love, is a reversing of the act of fracturing. It MUST pursue the other party which has been separated. Love must always act to restore covenant. Covenantal Love must voluntarily go directly to the place that caused the relational breakdown and deal with it. Love must seek out the source of the offense and overcome it. Love goes to the other person and makes restitution for the part of the covenant that was broken.


In a world of fractured and sick relationships, covenantal love is the act of facing and dealing with the sources of relational breakdown. Covenantal love, by its very nature, MUST INVOLVE CONFRONTATION.

“Faithful are the WOUNDS of a friend but the KISSES of an enemy are deceitful” (Proverbs)

The very essence of covenantal love is CONFRONTATION.

CONFRONTATION for the sake of removing relational stumbling blocks is the primary action of covenantal love.

Love cannot take revenge, nor can it hold on to resentment. Love’s only option then is a loving confrontation.


Covenantal Love

Love is an act of communication addressing areas that are offensive to one party or the other. Relationship restoration is an act of covenantal love. Love is, therefore, with “mercy” as its motive, forced to CONFRONT. Many of us avoid confrontation in our relationships thinking that avoidance represents love. Covenantal love stands up to communicate to the other party THAT in which the person least wants to hear. Just as a doctor must deal with the area of sickness and as a surgeon must deal bring their knife down on the infected area, so must covenantal love, with sensitivity and firmness, deal with THAT which is wrong.

For a relationship to be WHOLE, COMPLETE, and FRUITFUL, anything that causes division or mistrust, no matter how small MUST BE REMOVED. You might be completely different in your views and perspectives, tastes and opinions, but your trust and support for one another should never waiver.

Relationship Restoration


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