The Cultural Crisis and Christianity

In his last days, the risen messiah sent his apostles all over to the ends of the earth and commanded them to make disciples of all the nations, to baptize them and to teach everything that the Lord had taught them. (See Matthew 28:19). Therefore the disciples of Jesus entered the world conscious of a worldwide mission; they recognized that it was their duty to pass on the good news of the risen messiah to all men. However, in modern times, doubts have arisen about the response of the church to Christianity and the cultural crisis; these times demand Christians to rethink who they are and what they have been commanded to do, what they believe and how to survive through the difficult times.

Christians and the Cultural Crisis

The public opinion keeps on changing, the views on family, same sex marriages, love, God, tolerance and so much more keeps pushing Christians on the defense. Standing up for the original Christian principles is likely to force Christians to take a stand both socially and economically. In such times, Christians are tempted to speak as alarmists or become panicked. They should therefore keep the following principles in mind to help them survive through the cultural crisis.

1. Be a people of love and justice

Christians should always be a people of love and justice. Justice means that love should always be demonstrated at all times, love in the biblical sense involves inherent justice. This means that Christians should be genuinely concerned for the ultimate welfare of all humanity; they should be guided by a desire to do what’s right, and the enforcement of consequences when something is done wrong.

2. Trust the Lord not humanity

Christians are advised not to trust in princes, who are mortal men and in whom there is no salvation. (See Psalms 146:3). There is the Son of God in whom Christians find help, who does not fail those who believe in Him. All the sons of men and princes are like the man through whom they exist, who did not abide. When man passes on, his plans come to an end. However, the Son of God is eternal and trustworthy throughout everything that Christians endure.

3. Rest in certainty of Jesus Christ’s victory

Christians need not tremble or fear that the devil has gained the upper hand in his opposition of God for example through the current sexual revolution. Every nation and age has had its own deprecated way of opposing and attacking God. However, none can succeed more than the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the sins of humanity.

Christians need to know that they can’t always out-argue others, but they should love others with a supernatural love, like that which the Lord has shown unto us with confident assurance, humility and joy.

Christianity and the Cultural Crisis


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