What Would You Change About Men?

Women worldwide would agree that not all relationships are perfect. Although relationships are a two-way street, there definitely are things that women would change about men in general. These are some of those things:


Insensitivity- Now I know that this does not necessarily apply to all men, but a very big percentage fall under this category. The fact that your man provides for the family and handles all his responsibilities does not mean that he should not be emotionally available too. Spending time with the kids and actively participating in their growth is just as important as being able to provide for them. Forgetting anniversaries might not seem like a big issue, but the reason women make it a big issue is because it all stems from one giant problem, insensitivity. It just confirms your fears that maybe he doesn't really care about you as much as you care about him.

Spending Habits

The way he spends his money- In a relationship, finances are always one of the major talking points. Both of you might be working or you have a steady flow of income, however, what the woman wants to see is how the man prioritizes his spending. Would he rather spend his money on a night out drinking and partying or would he rather spend his money investing in business ideas? The problem is that most men only think about their leisure when it comes to how they spend money. A woman would much rather he think about their future and how they can enrich their lives as a couple.


The way he communicates- Is definitely something women would change about men. This is a huge problem that women cannot seem to complain about enough. Communication. The majority of the men, if not all men, always seem to have a problem with how they express their feelings. Whereas women articulate their feelings and thoughts through speech, men would much rather keep quiet and leave you wondering what the problem could be. Is he mad? Depressed? Thinking of ending the relationship? Nobody knows. This is one of the situations that more often than not completely destroys relationships. Lack of communication leads to frustration and frustration usually, leads to somebody emotionally ‘checking out’ of the relationship.

These are just a few of the things I know that women would love to change about men. It would be much better however if the men realized these things about themselves and made the changes willingly on their own accord.

Changing Men


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