increase communication and intimacy

How To Improve Communication In Relationships and Increase Intimacy

How to improve communication and increase intimacy As time goes by, relationships won’t always work the way you wanted them to. You need to find a way to make...
what breakups do to your brain

What Breakups Do To Your Brain

Is it possible to restructure your mind and thoughts after a breakup?
What's the Difference Between Loneliness and Being Alone

What’s the Difference Between Loneliness and Being Alone?

Being alone isn't the same thing as being lonely, and yet some people use the two terms interchangeably
how to deal with rejection

How To Deal With Rejection

Dealing With Rejection To Deal with Rejection: Change Your Perspective Rejection is an almost unavoidable aspect of being human. Nobody has ever succeeded in love or...
Diet Desperation

Diet Desperation- Total Transformation

Weight Gain and Emotional Pain The vast majority of people subconsciously decorate emotional pain with weight gain. Food is used therapeutically, and instead of getting to the root of the issue (s), overeating and eating...
Know where you're going

Know where You’re Going

Do You Know Where You’re Going? So, What is Your Life’s Purpose? Why is it So Important? It’s the feeling that there’s real meaning to your Life and a reason for what you do. It’s...
christian dating sites

The Value of Christian Dating Sites

The Value Of Christian Dating Sites Many single people turn to internet dating for help in finding a future spouse. Christian Dating Sites can be particularly beneficial to those whose faith is a significant factor...
Your Brain On Heartbreak

This Is Your Brain On Heartbreak

Your Life On Heartbreak Your brain on heartbreak is a situation where there is crushing grief, anguish, or distress experienced when a lover turns against a relationship.They say that breaking up is hard to do,...
know about relationships

We Think We Know About Relationships

What We Think We Know About Relationships Based on the blogs, seminars and best-selling books on the market these days we think we know about relationships. However, there's a good chance that you don't know...
Cherish Experiences Image

Cherish Experiences, Not Things

We know that money can make us happier, but after our basic needs are met money does not make us much happier (according to some scientists). So, one of the big issues of our...