Breaking Up Is Hard As Hell To Do

Many today label love a myth even though they spend their lives in constant search of its sweet poison which often eludes us all. We spend days entranced by the promise of its forever after and place emotional bets on hopes that are as light as the tumbleweed blowing across the parched desert of life and longing and people who are as fickle as the bitch fate can be.

We build our dreams on beautiful white sand but still presume they will stand after life’s tsunami makes landfall. Then we call women bitches, men dogs, and fire bullets at Cupid’s under-aged and diapered derriere while all the time still clinging to the hope of what could be. Then, when we can no longer subscribe to its ideology there comes the “baby it’s not you it’s me” or the even more tragic “I don’t know how we got here but this isn’t working anymore”.

Love and relationships

I have utmost confidence and faith in the eternity and temerity of love and relationships, the never ending roller coaster ride of ups and downs and the lessons to be learned from human interaction of the heart- that one organ that gets involved in everything irrespective of how often you tell it not to. At the same time, though love’s eternity is believable and for some a reality, I accept that when referring to relationships, eternity is a very relative term.

Fairy tales “they lived happily ever after” and “until death shall we part” exist for some and I even believe in it, but, sometimes despite how hard you try you eventually get to that point where no matter how much you talk, no matter what version of meditation and positive vibe you send out to the universe and regardless of how badly you want a relationship to last, sometimes…just sometimes… it is simply not meant to outlive its rather short burst of ‘eternity’.

Then here comes the worse thing ever, letting go….

Letting go is the hardest thing to do. Whether it be the fear of moving on or simply the inability to think you can, letting go is not as easy as they make it out to be. Even worse is the fact that though you know letting go might be the best thing, you fight the need to have to and often push each other to a point where love is not gentle and kind, it does not speak softly and it is incapable of understanding. Even then the idea of letting go is not one you cannot accept and here comes the need to own a Kleenex factory and reside at the bottom of a bottle of your choice of spirits.

And you know what? It is alright. Write yourself a twelve step program if you must and take your time working through it.

No matter how rational a person you are, no matter how much logic leads first and emotions after (or so we like to lie to ourselves), regardless of how many talks you have with yourself about letting go, the theory and its feasibility will not change the fact that breaking up is a very, very hard thing to do.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


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