Breaking Up Could Drive You Crazy

Break-ups are never fun. We know that. Sometimes, though, break-ups are almost unbearable. If you love someone - or even simply think you love someone - the break-up could drive you crazy. We've all been there, so don't be too hard on yourself. Just look out for these signs, which might indicate that breaking up with your significant other is driving you crazy.


  • Your eating habits have changed drastically. Did you stop eating after things ended? On the flip side, did you start binge-eating? Neither one of these is a good coping strategy. You need to keep eating healthy foods, balancing your diet and taking care of your body. If you put good things in, you'll feel better. (Don't worry, though - we won't judge you for eating an extra piece of cake or some brownie mix.)
  • You've stopped showering. Likewise, if you've stopped showering or brushing your teeth, you have to admit that you've gone a bit crazy. Like we said before, taking care of yourself is important. Maybe it's time to put on your best outfit, do your hair and spend a night out on the town with your friends. You'll look good, feel good and have some much-deserved fun.
  • You stalk your exes social media profiles. Stop! Right now! Put down the laptop! Spending hours stalking their tweets and Facebook page, desperately checking to see if they've met someone new or if they're out having fun while you're at home with a bag of chips, is definitely not healthy. Stop torturing yourself and let the wounds heal - stalking their social media profiles will just keep things fresh in your mind.
  • You don't leave the house anymore. Like, ever. If you're holed up in your apartment and refuse to go out with friends or even go to work, things have gone too far. You may have thought that your significant other was the 'end-all, be-all'. Maybe you thought that you were going to get married and live happily ever after. And that's okay! But remember that things ended for a reason; he/she does not control your life and you will be okay without them. I promise.

Overall, break-ups can make us crazy. Would you normally creep on someone's Facebook page every five minutes while eating junk food and watching sad break-up movies? Probably not. So, don't let a break-up ruin your life - or even your month. You were strong and independent before this person and you will be strong and independent after them. Lean on your friends, take care of yourself, and the wounds will heal.

Breaking Up Could Drive You Crazy

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