I believe nothing is created out of chance or fate, but that all are created with a divine design and purpose. So when you experience pain and suffering on the road to you destiny do they cause you to Become Bitter or Better? Everything in the earth and the heavens was created by God with a predisposed and designed form and function. In other words God created everything for a reason. Contrary to what you might think, or what you’ve been told, you are not a mistake. The most important thing to understand is that whatever God creates has a design that ultimately reveals its Creator…….HIM.

Are You Becoming Bitter or Better?

Everything has a natural purpose that it fulfills, but it also has a spiritual purpose that God wants revealed. “First natural then spiritual”. Within the last several years there has been a tremendous advancement in the knowledge of natural forms and functions in this world we live in. We have taken the forms and functions of Nature and have added our own slant to things. We have learned to fly like the bird, swim like a fish, travel like a horse or donkey, and so on. Now, we must learn to look beyond the obvious and begin to see the hidden mysteries encoded in natural things.

This brings me to the difference between ‘form’ and ‘function’. We are made in the “image and likeness” of God according to the Scriptures. The human body, which represents the most intricate design in all of creation, is a pattern of both the ‘form’ and the ‘function’ of an all-wise Creator. Much of the form of this complicated, yet marvelously wonderful design is hidden from view. All that is seen is usually on the surface. But the majority of what we’re actually made is us under the skin in the form of organs and tissues and chemicals. We don’t generally see the form of the heart with the naked eye but we can place our hand on our chest and feel the function. I’m glad my heart has a form to it but if you asked me what I’m most glad for I would say its function.

Are You Becoming Bitter or Better?

Now, bringing all of this into focus, allow me to pose the following questions-

Have your relationships been more ‘form’ than ‘function’? Have your relationships been primarily just superficial therefore empty, or have they been functional and substantive? And what have you become as the result of your relationships? Have you become a bitter or better person? Have you become wiser as a result of your relational experiences or are you now making foolish choices?

If your answers to these questions are not what you’d like for them to be, then it may be time for you to consider changing the ‘form’ of your relationships because obviously the relational ‘form’ or ‘pattern’ in which you’ve developed is adversely affecting the SUBSTANCE of your life. And when the very SUBSTANCE of one’s relational life becomes affected in a negative way then that life begins to slowly DETERIORATE.

THINK ABOUT IT………………………..

Relationship Advice: Are You Becoming Bitter or Better?

Theodore Lovelace



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