In this era of globalization where most major cities in America and elsewhere are increasingly cosmopolitan, Biracial dating and relationships are increasingly becoming common. Barring a few nut cases here and there, most people you meet are not racist. However, that doesn’t mean that they do not harbor some stereotypes about a particular race. Misconceptions and stereotypes are dissipated once communication occurs. And that’s what happens in Biracial Dating.

Biracial Dating: The Whole Truth

I have seen many Biracial dating relationships work. After all, we are human beings at the end of the day. Many long time steady dating partners as well as married couples have made it work. All we have to do is invest time to make a Biracial dating relationship work just like any other relationship. So what are the differences between same-race and Biracial dating?

1. Different social backgrounds – A typical Caucasian male/female dating a person who is, let us say, African American, would mean that in most cases (not all), they would have a different social background. A white male dating an Asian female would have to adjust to her whole extended family. Although the overall social strata could be different. Cultural aspects have to be adhered to. It’s much like working at a foreign location. Learn, adapt, and adjust, and you will do just fine. In fact, your partner would appreciate the efforts you would be taking to integrate and understand his/her culture.

2. Differences in family – In Biracial dating, there would be cultural differences in the family. Let us say you have jelled well as a white female with your Indian boyfriend (From India). But if it’s a long term relationship where you are exclusive or planning to get married, you would have to interact with his family back home. Indians have more attachment to their parents and extended family i.e.; grandparents, uncles, cousins etc. And you would need their consent for a smoother relationship. Understanding that and taking efforts to assimilate should work in your favor. Remember, it’s a journey which could be reasonably long.

3. Being singled out in a crowd – Whenever you are out Biracial dating you will get curious stares. Yes! Even in this day and age. There will be well meaning friends and family who will ask you inane questions which reinforce stereotypes. If you are dating a Black man, questions like, are you worried about him stealing from you? Is your Japanese girlfriend emotionally available? I hope your Spanish boyfriend is not cheating, is he? And on and on! Learn to deal with it and practice patience.

But there are real advantages. One being, because of your perceived initial differences, you would work harder on your relationship. You will get to know a lot more about the person, including their likes for music, fashion, and other culturally relevant things, influenced, to some extent, by their race. You may even learn a new language! These are many wonderful benefits to Biracial dating.

Biracial Dating


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