“For better or worse in relationship.” Wow, that is a statement that is on time and on target. Times have changed so much. There was a time that those words meant something. That was a statement that rang loud. Saying that you were going to stick it out through it all. But, now it seems as though even married couples only last on average, three to six months. Then shortly after they get a divorce. Why? They just don’t “understand each other anymore”. What is the point of saying, “For Better Or Worse,” if you’re not going to follow through. You, need to back up what you say.

For Better Or Worse

If you really want to make a relationship work dedication has to be a key ingredient. You should to be willing to try and put in the necessary effort. Nothing will ever be easy the first time around. Just because the times are changing, does not mean you still can’t have a lasting relationship. Again, it’s simply a matter of putting in time and effort. So you had a fight last night? That’s fine, go for a walk to cool down. Take a breather in the next room. Too many times it’s thought that you have to resolve a situation right on the spot. Well, shocking news…… you really don’t! You need time to reflect, and to assess, in order to make the best decision possible.

Also, consider that maybe in the heat of the moment you made a mistake. If life was as black and white as you make relationships out to be, you would be out of a job. You never would have been found after getting lost as a child. You would have never learned how to ride a bike. Why? Because, you would have given up each time you made a mistake. You would have probably wound up in jail as well in light of the fact that not only did you give up, but, someone gave up on you.

You see relationships are a two way street. They are not meant to be easy. You may be asking “Why?” Because, you are supposed to learn, and grow with one another. Now, that’s not to say every relationship is ‘The One‘. Or that you are meant to be together forever. It is just that once you’ve found someone who is willing to love you in spite of all of your flaws, and they are willing to love and respect you no matter what decision you make, and they are willing to back you up fully, then maybe you should not give up on that person only because they said something stupid, or maybe they forgot an important event.

Just remember that one day, you’re going to forget something as well. The love, and kindness you give is the same love and kindness you will receive in return. So, maybe it’s time to put petty matters aside, and find someone that is worth…………”For better or worse in relationship.”

For Better Or Worse



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