Raw fruits and vegetables are the main sources of vitamins and enzymes that our bodies need for healthy functioning. Unfortunately, not all of us are into fruits and vegetables. Juicing offers a great alternative for you to get these vital nutrients without having to chomp on fruits and vegetables. It also aids in the rapid intake of these vital nutrients since digestive organs rarely need to break the juice down. Here are some of the Benefits of Juicing for healthy living.

Cancer Prevention

Fruits and vegetables contain substances known as phytochemicals; that can prevent or cure numerous ailments. The National Cancer Institute encourages people to eat more fruits and vegetables for this simple reason. Researchers have documented that a diet high in fruits in vegetables has the ability to prevent or cure various types of ailments including breast cancer, cancer of the ovaries, esophagus, stomach, colon, and rectum.

Weight Loss

Juicing helps reduce your caloric intake while at the same time increasing your intake of healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Whole fruits and vegetables contain more calories since they contain less water as compared to juice. Hence, you will get fewer calories from taking a gram for gram equivalent of juice. Additionally, your body will benefit from the removal of toxins and restoration of taste buds.

High Nutrient Absorption

Most of us have digestive problems that limit our bodies’ ability to absorb all nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Juicing helps get rid of indigestible fiber contained in fruits and vegetables. Consequently, this minimizes the involvement of the digestive system in extracting beneficial nutrients from them. Your body readily absorbs these nutrients in amounts higher than it would get from eating whole fruits and vegetables.


Accumulation of toxins in our bodies negatively affects our health since they compromise on normal bodily functions. Green juicing is one of the ways through which you can get rid of toxic substances. Despite the growing popularity of juice fasting as a detoxification method, it can be ineffective when done wrong. Therefore, it is best to do plenty of research and ask questions before diving into it.


Key among the benefits of juicing is hydration. Water is an essential component for good health, yet few people take in enough of it. Beverages such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks contain toxic components that need more water to get rid of. Juicing ensures you get toxic-free water while at the same time helping in the break down of toxic substances from other beverages. Additionally, elimination of indigestible fiber means that you get more water than you would get from eating equivalent whole fruits.

In conclusion, when you make the decision to juice be sure to invest in only “organic” fruits and vegetables. Most store-bought fruits and vegetables may look appealing on the outside but are full of pesticides (toxins and poisons), which will have a debilitating effect on your organs and tissues.


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