Balancing Being Unique and Normalcy

It is difficult in an increasingly online and digital age to know how you should present yourself to others of the opposite gender, whether you are looking for a relationship or already in one. The main difficulty is that it is easy to be scared of exposing too much of yourself to potential partners or your boyfriend/girlfriend for fear of being rejected for who you are. However, this can easily be taken too far in the other direction and you can easily become just like everyone else, without you Being Unique and expressing that uniqueness. Hopefully, this short article will help you know better how to balance these two extremes.

Being rejected

First, you should never be scared of being rejected for who you are and being unique. If your boyfriend/girlfriend (or a potential boyfriend/girlfriend) rejects you because they don’t like who you are, then they weren’t the right person for you in the first place. True love comes through accepting someone for who they really are and caring for their well-being, despite their faults. Thus, if you are hiding who you really are in order to have someone accept you, then that person will not be able to truly love you for being unique.

It’s true that you might be rejected for who you actually are if you are authentic around a potential boyfriend/girlfriend, but that comes with the playing field of dating. True love is not as easy as in the movies; it comes only after difficulty and pain. If you truly want to be with someone for the rest of your life, then you cannot continue to play charades and hide being unique. Eventually, if you continue to hide behind normalcy, your true self will come to light and ruin your relationship.

On the other hand, you ought not to emphasize your unique attributes to the exclusion of your boyfriend/girlfriend’s interests. Unfortunately, you are never going to find someone who is exactly like you and who has all of the same interests and habits as you. Truly loving that person will require you to be interested in what your boyfriend/girlfriend is interested in, even if you aren’t actually interested in it. You should not be afraid to put aside your own interests in exchange for your partner’s; in fact, this is one of the key aspects of truly loving someone: putting their interests ahead of your own.

Overall, you need to remember that true love is not easy, and, like all of life, is often accompanied by pain and difficulty. Hiding your true self in exchange for temporary peace is only putting off the inevitable difficulties. You need to be true and honest to your partner about who you truly are, as well as remembering to put their interests ahead of your own.

Balancing Being Unique and Normalcy


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