Being Judgmental

Recently, according to a news report, a man jumped into a taxi cab and ordered the driver to take him to an address a considerable distance away. He then settled back for the long ride when all of a sudden he realized the taximeter was not working. He noted this impropriety and was about to call the driver’s attention to it, when, gazing at the man, he noted his low overhanging brow, long beard and the hard sharp features of a foreign crook, and considered a different approach. The approach that requires being judgmental.

Not to be taken off guard, he thought out the best plan to handle the situation. KNOWING that the driver had planned a trick in order to extract more fare from him, the thought out his line of conversation and defense, all the while regarding the “crook” driving the taxi. He quickly jotted down the number of the driver’s license and the other information given on the driver’s ID posted in the car. He would definitely show this thief that he could not put anything over on him for he was nobody’s sucker.

Wait For It

By the time he reached his destination he was excited and all set to defend his rights as a decent, law-abiding citizen. He signaled the driver to stop and he got out. While at the same time demanding of the driver in a very sarcastic tone of voice: “How much”?

The bearded, low brow and sharp eyes of the driver looked at him, his tightly closed mouth slowly relaxed into a warm smile, and with a laughing voice replied, “ NO CHARGE” boss, I am getting married tonight and am treating all of my customers to “FREE” rides.

The “HONEST”??? Man walked away in silence too stunned and shocked to even offer a “Thank you”.

Let me ask you, where was the real crook the man had literally created in his mind during the long ride?

Where was the anger and hate that caused his blood pressure to rise and his pulse to beat faster than normal? Where was the fear that established itself in this man’s heart and mind?

YOU ANSWER. The next time you are troubled with the source of evil.  Look into the exact place for the cause. You might see clearly that the source lies within you “judging from appearances”.

Judging by appearances

Judging by appearances only in most cases produces stress and wrong thoughts which lead to wrong actions. Appearances only will cause you to act and react based on your own FEAR. False Expectations Appearing Real. And you become not only the JUDGE but THE JUDGED!!!


Being Judgmental Is Mental

Theodore Lovelace


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