Should you Date?

Dating is part of human life, unless if you are considering celibacy. It is about love and explicitly erotic love, or let's say romantic feelings towards someone. Now, the meaning of love has changed over time. It varies from one individual to another. There are those who have commercialized love defining it as being with someone with lots of money. Whatever the meaning you accord the word love, there are things you need to keep in mind as you decide to date. The potential people you have in mind to date, are they worth it?

Get to Know Someone's Character

It is advisable that you know something about the person you want to date. This does not mean that you take a whole year thinking. You may lose your dream man or woman to another. Everyone has a list of men or women in mind to date. Again, you need to ask yourself: are they worth it? Learn to trust your instincts. If you doubt someone, do not date that person. It is better to lose someone than to date a potential problem.

Considering Rebound Relationships?

Think first. Anyone who has gone through a heartbreak knows how difficult it is to get over someone. Usually, some people decide to get into another relationship or even several relationships just to guard their ego and bandage their hurt feelings. Now, dating other people immediately only postpones the problem: heartbreak. These people you want to rebound with, are they worth it? The heartbreak will catch up with you, and you will likely have a worse letdown.

Avoid Being Over-Expectant

Once you have faced and solved your issues and met someone you consider dating, you need to guard your heart even more. Are they worth it? We all have high expectations of the other person but don't go overboard. Remember you cannot determine everything that happens to you. Be reasonable, be real so as to see life as it is. Your lover may disappoint you once in a while, knowingly or unknowingly; no one is perfect. Do not be harsh on yourself by being over-expectant.

Do not Base your Relationship on Money

Money is important in life but let it not be the foundation of your relationship. What happens when the money is gone? Does it mean that you stop loving your significant other? Don't ever base your happiness on the number of bank accounts, or credit cards he or she has. Remember you determine your happiness. Do not place your life in someone's hands by just dating anyone. Be careful, take the time to heal after a breakup, and don't allow the desire for money to control your perspective.

Are They Worth It?