Plenty of people out there are depressed with where their life is heading. The economy is sinking around our heads, bills are piling up around you, and food prices are skyrocketing, and our relationships are in the toilet. Leading many into Battling Relationship Depression. This is enough to drive anyone crazy and there is little that you can do about any of it on a worldwide level. But what can you do to make your life better on a more personal level? Well, let’s take a look at the things that can give you a happier, healthier life than what you are currently living.

Battling Relationship Depression

The most common cure for depression and/or battling relationship depression these days requires a prescription and the use of a pill from a pharmaceutical company. By the way, they don’t care about your health; they just want your money. Doctors assume that if you are depressed, then there has to be a chemical imbalance going on in your body. The thing they won’t tell you is that the chemical imbalance is usually a result of all the crap that you are eating on a daily basis. It’s actually been proven that mice that now eat the same foods you are eating become lethargic and depressed with low energy levels.

It has also been proven that those same mice can turn that around by eating healthy whole foods that aren’t loaded down with pesticide and herbicide chemicals. After a week or two, all those depressed and lethargic mice will be running around their cages without a worry in the world, full of energy. So, the first thing you are going to need to do is to find a way to supplement your diet with some fresh ORGANIC fruits and vegetables. If you’ve never tried it before, try juicing. Juicing is not just a fad it really works, with the right juicer of course. In this way, you can chuck that bag of Cheetos and consume something that your body will actually digest rather than just feel full on.

The next thing you are going to need to do is to leave out the soda and start drinking water. Granted, that stuff that comes out of your tap is probably not very healthy for you, either. After all, they load it down with chlorine and fluoride to the point that it’s just as chemically laden as any pharmaceutical pill on the market. That’s why you need a good filtration system for your water, even in bathing because your skin is soaking up that chemical cocktail in your local water system. By the way, bottled water is nearly the same as tap water in most cases.

If you can clean up your diet and drink fresh healthy water, then you will see your energy levels rise while at the same time decreasing your illnesses. This will, in turn, allow you to get a moderate amount of exercise every week and that will put the chemicals in your body back into balance. Now, you aren’t depressed and, when you are feeling better about yourself and your life, you are able to do the things you need in order to change things for the better. No self-help books are needed for this and you can stop going to your shrink every week, too, which will save you money and make you even happier.

Battling Relationship Depression


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