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Hello Guys,

Listen, I get a ton of requests and suggestions from my visitors to The one suggestion I seem to get most is to allow my readers to submit articles of their own. One reader said, and I quote,...."Please let us help you do some of the work." Well, I've decided to put in the extra time to do exactly that based on the following guidelines:

1)All articles must be under 600 words.

2)All articles must be positive, encouraging, and uplifting no erotica, sex, racism, or vulgarity).

3)All articles must be your own; NO COPY-WRITTEN ARTICLES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

4)Please bear in mind that if your article does not fit this particular niche (dating/relationships/spiritual/healing and encouragement) it will not be  considered.

5)Submit your article for review to the following email address: [email protected].

6)Please include your name and title when submitting an article.

7)Realize you don't have to be a "professional writer" to write for Heart2Heartrelations, just write from you HEART!

Again, I want to thank my visitors for your continued support and suggestions.

Theodore Lovelace

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