All About You

In relationships, it is easy to make it all about yourself. In reality it's not just about you. I have known my husband 39 years. We dated for 5, and have been married 34. We did not get to this point by being selfish. Sure there are times when one person needs more attention than the other. But the bottom line is there should be a balance.

When my spouse was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, it was all about him for a while. I was the care giver. I drove him to the doctor, and nutritionist. I picked up his prescriptions. I am the one who made sure he ate right, took his prescription meds, and insulin injections. At times it was overwhelming, but it was only a season.

Seasons Change

There will be seasons where one spouse must depend on the other. When I broke my arm, had surgery and metal implants were inserted, I was pretty helpless. The metal bar on top of my arm was heavy. I could not drive, or cook. For a few days, I could not even pull my under clothes down or up while in the bath room. My husband had to assist me.

The bottom line is communication. Talk to you spouse or significant other. Let him or her know when you feel overwhelmed, and things are one sided. Don't come across as if you desire everything to be all about you. Learn to be a giver. When you have the best interest of your loved one on your mind, you will willingly give more than you receive. And it will never be all about you.

True Love Gives

Take turns doing special things for each other. My husband and I give each other back massages. I rub his feet to keep them warm and his circulation flowing. He cuts my toe nails because I cannot reach them. Make sure there is give and take. Always remember however the scales can be tipped in one direction for a while. Don't be offended or confront your significant other. Talk to him or her in a calm tone, explaining how you feel and why.

Remember it is more blessed to give than to receive. And that a relationship is never all about one person and their wants and needs. Allow for times when things do not go your way. And make the most of when they do, Just keep telling yourself that it is never supposed to be all about you.

All About You


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