Every seed has an image imprinted on the inside of it. On the inside of you is the very image of your Creator, Jesus Christ. Just like an icon on a computer represents the full program and when you “double-click” on that icon the program is revealed. Man/woman is the icon that is representative of our Creator and when He double-clicks on us through sufferings, trials, and Affliction, the full program of who HE is IN us is revealed to the world.

Understanding The Seed Principle and Affliction

If the seed is cared for then it will eventually break out of its shell and start pressing on towards being a “fruitful” and “mature” plant. Remaining a seed, we can say, we have not attained our purpose, but if we continue to press towards the sun (Son), just like the seed, the shell will soon break releasing purpose. When you choose to die to yourself and break through the shell of your natural, earthly desires and replace them with God’s standards, you will find yourself “forgetting” all the junk that lies behind in your past because you will be too busy moving and reaching forward into your purpose, your reason for being on planet earth. You will become busy “bearing fruit” and being a blessing to others.

Jesus taught that we must die to live…... “Timeless truth I speak to you: Unless a grain of wheat falls and dies in the ground, it remains alone, but if it dies, it yields much fruit.” The overall purpose of suffering, trials, and afflictions is for you to die to yourself, your ways, your plans, and to live unto God and His purpose for your life.

It is through this type of “death” process that God is able to deal with us to reveal to us the “natural” man who still appears and is able to manifest himself in our lives. The “natural” man is the one who sits on the throne in our lives and always wants his way. He’s the child who refuses to grow up (many of us experience this child every day).

This stubborn, hard-hearted, hard-headed “seed” will have to break forth from its shell and this happens through temperature, pressure, and humidity. Affliction in our lives is specifically designed to “break the shell” and “break up the ground.” The Bible deals with the topic of suffering and affliction more than any other topic. Why? Because it is only through the life that’s been afflicted that we’re able to see “fruit” revealed. That’s why Peter told us to “rejoice” in afflictions and sufferings.

But this type of affliction, the affliction for our growth can be circumvented by that “natural” man I alluded to earlier. How?…….. Through constant complaining, pointing fingers and blaming others, and half-hearted commitment.

These types of afflictions come on us because we’ve chosen to follow God and pursue purpose without compromising. If you are being afflicted because you feel you did what was right in God’s eyes, then your response should always be rejoicing. However, no matter what caused the suffering and affliction to come to you be encouraged, just submit your life to God and you will “bear fruit” unto purpose and establish your reason for being here on planet earth.

Understanding The Seed Principle and Affliction



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