Affair Proof Your Relationship

Affairs are more common that most of us will accept or acknowledge. This is ironic in many ways as most of us, as adults, abhor infidelity and don’t approve of it at all; as many as a quarter of all people engage in affairs and this number represents married people only. Relationship statistics are worse, based on personal experience itself more than half the people I know have been in an affair while they were in a steady or an ongoing relationship. What’s also surprising is that hardly any person who has been in an affair or has been party to one is not a bad person!

These statistics are all real and paint a gloomy picture to somebody who has experienced heartache, however don’t lose hope. There is a lot that you can do to affair proof your relationship. Always remember that love is the true root of all emotion, every known emotion is traceable back to the origin which is love.

For starters pay attention to communication. This may sound strange but more than 50% of long-term partners in a relationship talk less and less as they go forward in their relationships. What this does is it creates a gap, a void between the couple and can lead to a person seeking solace or companionship with another. Don’t be afraid to have the talk if you need to. 'The Talk’, is something that partners dread, the psychological effect is also immense as it forces a person to retreat into themselves which over time is harmful to any relationship.

Addressing problems when they come up is very important in making your relationship affair proof. Repression is not healthy from a personal and a relationship perspective, repressed emotions and issues often find an unpleasant way of manifesting themselves. Many couples, especially ones who have been together for a while tend to sweep things under the rug which is one of the leading causes of a gradual drifting apart.

Extra marital affairs can often be related to the amount of time that married couples spend with each other. Go the extra mile if you need to so you can give your partner enough time. For married couples it is easy to take one another for granted based on the institutional nature of marriage even in modern societies. Spending quality time with your partner is really important in making your relationship affair proof; always remember that making him/her happy also makes you happy, this is the reason you are together in the first place.

Make Your Relationships Affair Proof


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