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Happily-ever-after is a phrase we all know too well, but alas, that is rarely to be in the real world. From frustrated companions to inevitable disputes, your relationship could be in for a tumultuous ride - if you play your cards wrong. Here I have compiled the most important, tried and tested advice for men that will work for you to ensure that your relationship is a healthy, happy one.

Relationship Advice 

Find common goals-

Similar dreams and philosophies can be a powerful bonding medium. By sharing the same outlook on life as your mate, the relationship is kept in sync, minimizing disparities and avoiding conflicts. Share what you want to accomplish, what life you want for the two of you. Your mate will respect it.

Variety, change, diversity-

Studies have shown that a lack of freshness in a relationship can lead to dissatisfaction. To remedy this, simple things such as going to the movies ever so often, or a short trip to a new restaurant can help. If you are feeling adventurous, a camping trip or a long hike will surely enhance understanding between the both of you, and maybe even allow you to learn something new about your companion.

Learn to compromise-

A relationship becomes a ticking time bomb when both people are only interested in self-interest. Instead of being adamant about prioritizing your personal career, learn to make her feel valuable, and give in if necessary. Sometimes, you never know if what you conceive to be better could actually turn out to be worse. Accept compromise and life with your significant other in mind.

Honesty is the highest form of intimacy-

Honesty will set your path straight. Not only does it reduce suspicion, it promotes a strong sense of mutual trust and encourages a similar attitude from your partner. A subconscious barrier is shattered and a strong sense of bonding can be achieved.

Do things together-

Time is the currency of relationships. This is especially true for newer relationships, in which sugar coating is common. To break the ice, engage in meaningful activities like charity work or working out, which are both physically and emotionally healthy. Perhaps even find a common hobby that you both are passionate about.

Be confident in facing reality-

Be confident in voicing your woes, and learn to accept the tough subjects. Money, faltering love, we have all been through it. Making the common mistake of avoiding it entirely will just leave footprints that eventually surface, and you don't want to be there when it hits home. We are not perfect, and learning to accept the flaws that make us who we are can go a long way in any relationship.

If needed, get counseling-

If the relationship has indeed gone too sour, seeking advice can help a great deal. A good consultant can help you and your partner slowly untangle the fine, complex web of a relationship and guide you towards resolving issues.

Relationship Advice for Men


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