Love can be tricky and confusing most of the time. It’s so obvious that many of us do things that would be considered stupid just for the sake of love. An example is when you realize that you’re in an abusive relationship but you still insist on staying in it. The common excuse that you’ll give for sticking in an abusive relationship is that you still love your partner. This may be partly true but it is not always the case. This is because Abuse In Relationships can leave you helpless, confused, and with such low self-esteem that you think you are trapped in the relationship and quitting it is not an option. But before we look at the effects of abuse in relationships lets first look at what relationship abuse really is and the different types of relationship abuse.

Abuse In Relationships

Abuse in relationships occurs when either of the partners tries to dominate or control the other person by use of abusive and/or coercive behaviors. Abuse in relationships can be physical, sexual, emotional or financial. If not contained, abuse in a relationship will tend to escalate over time. If you are sitting there thinking that physical abuse is what can get you thinking about your relationship again then you are wrong. Rome was not built in a day and so your partner will not control and dominate you in a day. This is a process and it all starts with the small details. If you don’t stand up for yourself when you are being abused in the small details, then it will get worse and it might be too late before you realize that the abuse is now at a dangerous level. Emotional abuse can have as much of a devastating effect as physical abuse.

Emotional abuse will not leave you with any visible scars and so it might be difficult to recognize but that does not mean that it is not bad. Emotional abuse can, in fact, leave you with a longer lasting effect than physical abuse. It could also have a crippling effect on you in future. Things like your attitude towards relationships and the opposite sex can change drastically because of the damage that was done to you emotionally. Emotional abuse includes things like intimidation, threats, betrayal and public humiliation. Financial abuse on the other hand may entail use of economic power to control you and sexual abuse happens when you are forced into any type of sexual experience by your partner.

When you realize that you are in an abusive relationship the most common thing that you’ll start hoping for is that things will get better in the future. This is especially true when you really love your abusive partner. You should, however, realize that you deserve to be loved and treated with respect and not be emotionally or physically harmed. It is true you love him/her but that does not mean you allow yourself to be constantly degraded and belittled. You’ve got to love yourself first before you love someone else. For the sake of the relationship it is important for you to tell your partner to stop with the abuse but if he/she does not change then the best option on the table is to terminate the relationship.

Remember one man’s poison is another man’s treasure. There’s someone out there dying to have you and treat you with the respect you deserve. If you just stick around when you are being abused, then you are definitely encouraging your partner to continue with the abuse. Terminate the relationship and who knows, maybe after sometime, he/she will realize the gem they lost and will come running after you hoping to get another chance.

Abuse In Relationships


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