a whole personIn other words, how to not completely lose yourself in a relationship.

We’ve all been victims of this. We find someone we like, and we’re ready to give them our all. Our time, devotion, our thoughts, fears, and happiness. We immerse ourselves in that person so much that some of us even start to look like them. We share our things, our money, even our dog! But here’s the honest truth: You’re not just a half of your relationship. You’re a whole person and so is your partner. The relationship is just the beautiful icing on the top.

You Are A Whole Person

One of the most important relationship don’ts is not to depend on your partner. They don’t complete you and you have to understand that you are perfect the way you are – you are your own person. Realistically, having a partner should make you happy and comfortable, but it should definitely not complete you. You should be able to do that by yourself.

So how do we continue to be a whole person when we share our world with someone we love?

We must realize that time spent apart is time well spent. It helps us remember who we are without the so-called other half. Get to know yourself again, get to know your hobbies, appreciate and acknowledge your friends, and spend time with them outside of your relationship. The relationship with your partner isn’t the only important relationship you have in your life and if you don’t nourish ‘those others’, they’ll fall apart……

You should also spend enough time with your partner to understand them. Get to know them and make sure you get to know them well. Let them understand you, with all your flaws and your entire personality. And please, never change for someone else if they don’t agree with what you have to offer.

And lastly, when it comes to relationships, we should all start speaking up more. When something’s wrong, say it. When something’s right, say it. Don’t bottle things up – communication is the key in any healthy relationship. Don’t shrink yourself and your thoughts to make the one you love feel comfortable – no relationship is perfect and there’s always plenty of room for communication and problem-solving.

We know this is easier said than done. But underneath the icing, you shouldn’t forget who you are and what you do as your own person. Don’t let anyone steal your ingredients and let you become any less delicious than you were before you met them.

You’re a cookie. A whole, delicious, beautiful cookie. And a tough one to boot!

You Are A Whole Person



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