A Real Woman

Newsflash....'Being a Real Woman' is not about offering sex! There's much more to being a real woman than being sexual. If you are a real woman, it means you have a unique character that other women do not have. You significantly and consistently display the traits of a real woman. These traits include:

1. Self-Confidence

As a real woman, you do not cower in the face of challenges. Self-confidence requires that you have an inner boldness that gives you the courage to handle every challenge that comes your way, especially when it involves your relationship. It is important that you build up self-confidence because your man can always find a reason to count on you which will motivate him to share with you the challenges he may be going through. It is because of your self-confidence that you will be able to build trust in your relationship.

2. Good Morals

This is a general term that envelopes all religious and cultural morals. You ought to have those morals that are readily acceptable in your culture and also in your religion(that is if you believe in religion). Doing good to those around you, being compassionate and caring for them and even sharing with them. As a woman, all that is in your heart is amplified and brought out by how you treat those around you. This character would be a sign that you are concerned about maintaining relationships and proves you are a compassionate woman.

3. Responsible

As a real woman, you always go the extra mile. Responsibility is a clear sign of maturity and independence, and this is what keeps your relationship growing healthier and stronger, day after day. When you do wrong, you are expected to own up and take responsibility for it thereby motivating your mate to do no less.

4. Defined Purpose

As a real woman, you must have a defined purpose and meaningful reasons for the things you do. Your goals and desires should be clearly defined and your inspiration to achieve them must be good enough to make you believe that anything is possible. And you always look forward to achieving them.

5. Secure and always there

It has to do with you loving yourself and appreciating who you are, especially when it involves your body. Emanating from self-confidence, it involves you being secure in your abilities and with your beauty. You also have to be secure with your man, recognizing and appreciating his qualities and abilities. As a real woman, you also have to embrace the many roles you play as a sister, a mother, a friend and also a wife, making sure that you attend to each of the roles fully and being there when you are needed.

Women Are Priceless

Real women are priceless, and by being unique you mark yourself as one among the few that are present in society today. Again, it is important that you consistently showcase the traits of a real woman, being self-confident, responsible, secure, always there when needed, possessing good morals, and having a defined purpose.

Traits of a Real Woman


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