When you decide to settle down with your partner, consciously and legally, this is When Your Tie Becomes a Knot. Your Knot, however, is different from any other Knot. It is unique because it is created by partners with different experiences and intentions from other partners’. How tight or lose yours becomes is solely determined by you two. These Knots are not preassembled and therefore, you assemble yours along the way.

Generally, it is assumed that the knot always gets stronger with time. However, this is not necessarily the case. Remember, this is a time when you really get to spend a lot of time together and share almost everything. Assuming you had not cohabited. Prior cohabitation means there's going to be some annoyance here and there, maybe because your partner did not flush the toilet or did not squeeze the toothpaste tube as you do.

Also, you get to learn most of your partners’ habits at this time because when it is just a tie, most partners tend to act and hide some habits that they think are not pleasing. On the other hand, you might come to realize that you have many similarities resulting in your knot actually getting stronger. Just as it is in real life, a knot made from nylon and sisal made ropes will always be weaker than that made either from only nylon for nylon ropes or only sisal for sisal ropes.


The first secret for a stronger Knot is COMMUNICATION. Not just communication but proper communication. There is a tone you use while expressing a complaint to your partner and it just takes the situation to a worsening level. By first understanding your partner, you get to know the best way to communicate to them. There are people you will yell at and they just smile at you while others will breathe down your neck with burning anger.

Second is a mutual agreement that yours is not a temporary Knot. If you two are willing to have a permanent knot. When your Knot is at its loosest point, you will always find a way to tighten it. This point is vitally important.... knowing that you are on the same page with your partner. You might be doing everything to keep the Knot tight while, on the other end, your partner is busy trying to untie it.

Keeping Your Knot Strong

In summary, before deciding to tie a knot with your partner, make sure you know at least 95% of their character. Find out their likes and dislikes. Make sure you know how they like their food. In addition to other small details that you normally take for granted. It is the small things that create huge arguments thus loosening your knot. Find ways to keep yours strong.


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